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Toolkit presented at international expert forum for rural electrification

At the Alliance for Rural Electrification’s (ARE) 6th Energy Access Investor Forum, GBE Zambia took part in the presentation of a new toolkit for renewable energy associations and answered numerous questions around association formation.  

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Financing is an important key to supplying rural regions with renewable energies and thus with electricity for social and economic development in the villages. In addition, however, there are many other details to get there faster. For example: How does one avoid duplication of work as an association and make use of the best practice examples of other associations? Where do you get technical and practical support? And how do you organise the support of international associations if you want to found a local association yourself? 

Answers to these and many other questions were provided by various representatives, amongst others of GBE Zambia, at the 6th Energy Access Investor Meeting organised by the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE). The published toolkit “Role of effective partnerships in ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of NREA activities” gives an excellent further insight. 

Interested parties can download the toolkit here and hopefully use it to implement their own projects more quickly and efficiently.