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Green People’s Energy for Africa – Benin

Green People’s Energy aims to improve the conditions for decentralised energy supply in rural areas in selected African countries, involving both citizens and companies. To this end, we are working in nine countries across sub-Saharan Africa, including Benin. In addition to our country-based measures, we support cross-national charitable projects and strengthen partnerships between players in Europe and Africa.

In Benin, Green People’s Energy will, among other things, assist people in improving their income generating activities through the use of renewable energy technologies; companies and private entrepreneurs will be encouraged to improve the quality of their services and products, and social institutions will be supported in acquiring decentralized renewable energy systems. Furthermore, training institutions in the field of renewable energies are supported in expanding their training courses in line with market demand in order to strengthen the local value chain. Political decision-makers will be advised on how to improve the framework conditions for decentralised renewable energies.

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Did you know that…?

… the national energy situation is characterized by a low national electrification rate (29.2% in 2018) and a very low rural electrification rate (6.5% in 2018)?

… a lack of access to electricity prevents increased production and processing of agricultural products, and thus hinders job creation and economic development?

… poor access to energy increases economic inequality?

How we work

For faster results we rely on successful approaches and implementation structures of existing projects. Green People’s Energy cooperates with the country-specific strategies of the Energising Development (EnDev) global programme, and other GIZ projects including programmes on bilateral agriculture and decentralisation. This enables us to draw on the many years of experience of these projects’ teams, and thus implement our approaches quickly.

Green People’s Energy’s project activities are designed in such a way as to offer equal opportunities for both women and men.

In Benin, Green People’s Energy activities combine technical assistance from public and private actors with financial assistance, most commonly in the form of Results-Based Financing mechanisms.

For more information about the RBF, how to apply and receive financial incentives, please click on the link below.

GBE Benin RBF Platform 

Latest Developments in Benin

ProfileSDG 3

Solar thermal energy improves hygiene in healthcare centres   

A hot-water supply through solar energy ensures hygienic maternity care in health centres.
FeatureSDG 7

Decentralized electrification – another piece of the puzzle for gender equality

Lack of access to energy holds back women. To promote their role in the energy transition requires gender-sensitivity and policy to ensure sustainability.
FeatureSDG 5

More women engineers for Benin’s energy sector

In the energy sector in Benin, female engineers – encouraged by the Ministry of Energy – are acting as role models in the country’s transition.
ProfileSDG 7

Strengthening communities and accelerating electrification in Benin

Experimenting with carbon credits to drive rural electrification
ProfileSDG 7

Solar power helps women increase their agricultural yields         

Solar-powered light, water and machinery will help women in the communities of Thian Worou and Tantaga to process various agricultural products.
ProfileSDG 5

Biogas saves women time and makes them more independent

A biogas plant in the village of Kontoubarou enables cooking without firewood while producing ecological fertiliser for agriculture.