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Five local organisations recently started implementation of their project ideas

Security of energy supply for the Cameroon Eye Institute

A project handed in by the Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute started implementation in July this year. The project will bring reliable solar energy to Sub-saharan Africa’s first non-profit eye care centre. Find out more

Training of solar technicians in Ethiopia

The Hawassa Children’s Organisation with its own Vocational Training Center wants to tackle the lack of solar technicians in the region. With the project, starting implementation in August this year, the organization is reaching two goals at once. Find out more

Foundations for better credit conditions in Uganda

The goal of the project of Fairtrade Africa, Fairtrade Foundation and Practical Action in Uganda is to create a basis for better credit conditions to facilitate access to renewable energy systems. This will support farmers who are organized in Fairtrade cooperatives. The project started its activities beginning of September this year. Find out more.

How a radio station stabilizes the power grid with its solar park

The award-winning Ugandan radio station Radio Pacis is providing a win-win situation for all with its solar park: It stabilizes the grid around the district capital Arua and on the other hand reduces the electricity costs of the radio station. First activities have started end of September. Find out more.

A Network for Sustainable Off-Grid Solutions

Since local small and medium-sized enterprises in Uganda lack access to high-quality products and credits, the local market for solar technology solutions is often in the hands of international companies. Five Ugandan solar companies want to tackle this challenge by joining together in a network. Implementation started in the beginning of October this year. Find out more.