Green People’s Energy for Africa – Mozambique

Green People’s Energy aims to improve the conditions for decentralised energy supply in rural areas in selected African countries, involving both citizens and companies. To this end, we are working in nine countries across sub-Saharan Africa, including Mozambique. In addition to our country-based measures, we support cross-national charitable projects and strengthen partnerships between players in Europe and Africa. 

In Mozambique, Green People’s Energy will, among other things, assist people in improving their income generating activities through the use of renewable energy technologies; companies and private entrepreneurs will be encouraged to improve the quality of their services and products; and social institutions will be supported in acquiring decentralised renewable energy systems. Furthermore, training institutions in the field of renewable energies are supported in expanding their training courses in line with market demand in order to strengthen the local value chain. Political decision-makers will be advised on how to improve the framework conditions for decentralised renewable energies.

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Did you know that…?

… Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world? 70% of almost 30 million people must get by on less than 1.70 Euros a day (2016).

two out of three Mozambicans have no access to electricity?

… over 19.5 million people in Mozambique live in rural areas, of whom only 15% are electrified?

How we work

For faster results we rely on successful approaches and implementation structures of existing projects. In Mozambique, Greeen People’s Energy activities are implemented in close cooperation with the country measures of the Energising Development (EnDev) global programme, and Global Energy Transformation ( This enables us to draw on the many years of experience of these projects’ teams, and thus implement our approaches quickly. The project activities of Green People’s Energy are designed in such a way as to offer equal opportunities for women and men.

Practical Experience

Results-based Financing (RBF) is a private sector support mechanism that rewards those companies that achieve preassigned agreed results. In Mozambique, Green People’s Energy, the country measure of the global programme Energising Development (EnDev) and the Foundation for Community Development (FDC) have set up the FASER RBF (Fund for Sustainable Access to Renewable Energy). With the help of this fund we want to stimulate renewable energy technology markets along the entire value chain. In doing so, we are promoting a broader deployment of these technologies within the country, especially in peri-urban and rural off-grid regions.

The FASER RBF consists of several financing windows. Green People’s Energy finances the productive use of energy window, which enables commercial enterprises and agricultural enterprises to purchase equipment such as photovoltaic systems and solar irrigation pumps to power their business activities.