Funded Projects

ProfileSDG 7

Project for the economic autonomy of rural communities through the productive use of renewable energy

Supporting the purchase of photovoltaic systems to set up income-generating activities, as well as providing training for setting up and maintaining these systems.
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Biogas saves women time and makes them more independent

A biogas plant in the village of Kontoubarou enables cooking without firewood while producing ecological fertiliser for agriculture.
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Equipping school canteens and health centres with water pumps and solar-powered refrigerators

Renewable energy can greatly benefit social institutions, by powering refigeration or water access in medical centres and schools.
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Refugee shelters need sustainable solar solutions 

Clean electricity for refugee families in Uganda Through approximately 330 savings communities in refugee shelters and host communities, ZOA aims to promote the market for sustainable solar solutions.
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A mobile training centre teaches young people about the potential of solar technology  

Clean electricity for refugee families in Uganda Through approximately 330 savings communities in refugee shelters and host communities, ZOA aims to promote the market for sustainable solar solutions.
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More skilled workers for solar plants in rural Benin    

The non-governmental TierraSol organisation wants to train young people in the design, construction and development of solar energy and thus open up new prospects for them
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Ensuring healthcare with solar power

Solar energy makes it possible: The large municipality of Boukombé, with its more than 80,000 inhabitants, is to receive modern and reliable healthcare.
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Healthcare posts: producing electricity and chlorine with solar panels 

Solar panels provide power for medical equipment, computers and lights – in a pilot project, three health posts will now use the solar power also to produce chlorine at low cost.
ProfileSDG 4

A good solar education as a second chance   

Women and young unemployed people are trained to find professional prospects in the solar sector.
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Care centres to be electrified with solar power  

The decades-long war in Congo has brought much suffering. Some of the few centers that provide care to those affected now receive solar power so they can better provide aid.
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Reliable solar power for an orphanage with vocational training centre     

Building solar power and training young people The Casa do Gaiato orphanage is tapping into an off-grid power supply with solar systems and at the same time training young people in solar technology and installation
ProfileSDG 13

Capturing CO2 savings and promoting investment in high-quality PV systems.  

A calculation model will help investors to calculate the contribution of their systems to climate protection and thereby to generate emission certificates.
ProfileSDG 3

Secure energy for health center through solar hybrid system 

The intelligent PV system makes hospital operating rooms safer
ProfileSDG 17

Public-private partnerships and CO2 financing strengthen electrification of municipalities 

Sustainable financing mechanisms provide Beninese communities with additional access to clean energy.
ProfileSDG 17

Foundation promotes solar technologies for farmers 

The “Maa Green Energy” project aims to kick-start the local market for solar products
ProfileSDG 4

Technician network extends life cycles of solar lights 

Repairing solar lights opens up a new, sustainable business for local technicians in Zambia
ProfileSDG 4

An app brings together solar technicians and operators in rural areas

The Tukole Solar Project aims to improve the maintenance of solar systems in rural areas and make it easier for customers and solar technicians to meet.
ProfileSDG 4

Energy Generation trains solar technicians

Supporting young entrepreneurs in West Africa Energy Generation provides 60 young apprentices with a promising professional future.
ProfileSDG 5

Energy cooperative empowers women

The partners want to address, involve, qualify and integrate women in particular into the project.
ProfileSDG 5

Energy cooperatives to empower Ethiopian women

A concept is being developed for the creation of an energy cooperative.
ProfileSDG 4

Electricity for IT rooms in five schools

The organisation Pamodzi Ndi Ana equips schools with computers and photovoltaic systems. But it is not only the pupils who benefit from this.
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Greenhouses create secure jobs for women

Thanks to solar-irrigated greenhouses, solar cooling and innovative marketing, women farmers in northern Malawi can triple their income.
ProfileSDG 7

Solar system ensures light, water and productivity

Just a few kilowatt hours of electricity improves the lives of around 1,800 villagers in Benin.

S4H Project: Solar Energy for Better Health Care

Thanks to solar power, three health centers can adequately store medicines, sterilize equipment, and better care for pregnant women and newborns.
ProfileSDG 3

Keeping Vaccines Cool with Solar Power

Three additional health centers are able to keep vaccines cold, making immunizations available to more people in northern Uganda.
ProfileSDG 8

Solar-cooled milk boosts income

Solar-cooled milk containers are helping more dairy farmers become part of Zambia’s milk value chain.

Solar water pumps for Laikipia

The project “Access to Solar Water Pumps in Laikipia,” implemented by SNV Netherlands Developmnt Organisation, aims to help remove obstacles in irrigation and raise awareness for the benefits of solar systems.
ProfileSDG 8

Solar Water Pumps Secure Harvests and Livelihoods

Project strengthens irrigation systems and climate resilience of smallholder farmers in northern Tanzania.
ProfileSDG 5

Women and Young People Take Off

In Senegal, women and young people are supported in implementing their business plans.
ProfileSDG 5

Key Positions for Women Engineers

Female engineers gain access to Benin’s energy institutions, countering gender inequality.
ProfileSDG 7

On One Map: Making Solar Projects and Expertise More Visible

With trainings of maintenance staff and a mapping of connected systems, ProREU wants to strengthen the solar market in Uganda’s north.
ProfileSDG 7

Microcredits Facilitate the Purchase of Solar Systems

With the help of adapted microcredits, small-scale farmers take energy supply into their own hands.
ProfileSDG 7

Solar Cooperative – Growing Faster Together

Ugandan solar companies organise themselves in a cooperative to benefit from each other.
ProfileSDG 4

Training of Technicians for PV Systems

With trained solar technicians, Ethiopia can use the sun as an energy source.
ProfileSDG 4

Young Malians Learn About Renewable Energy

Renewable energy as well as sales and maintenance of technical systems open up futures for young trainees.
ProfileSDG 4

Erneuerbare Energien – Jungen Malis eine Zukunft eröffnen

Gut fortgebildet eröffnen erneuerbare Energien, sowie Vertrieb und Wartung der technischen Anlagen jungen Menschen eine Zukunft.
ProfileODD 4

Les jeunes Maliens découvrent les Énergies renouvelables

Les énergies renouvelables ainsi que la vente et la maintenance de systèmes techniques ouvrent des perspectives d’avenir aux jeunes stagiaires.
ProfileSDG 8

Using Solar Power in Coffee Production

Using solar drying systems, Kenya’s coffee farmers can improve the quality of beans, reduce labour input and achieve higher prices.
ProfileSDG 8

Kaffeebohnen solar trocknen

Kenias Kaffeebauern können mit Hilfe solarer Trocknungssysteme die Qualität der Bohnen erhöhen, den Arbeitsaufwand senken und höhere Preise erzielen.
ProfileODD 8

Utilisation de l’énergie solaire dans la production de café

Grâce aux systèmes de séchage solaire, les producteurs de café du Kenya peuvent améliorer la qualité des grains, réduire la main-d’œuvre et obtenir des prix plus élevés.
ProfileSDG 3

Eye Clinic Counts on Reliable Solar Power

The MICEI Institute for Ophthalmology in Cameroon counts on solar energy. This secures the energy supply, reduces costs and allows more treatments.
ProfileSDG 7

Solar Park Secures Award Winning Radio Station

Radio Pacis produces its own electricity, while also providing a supply to the public power grid.
ProfileSDG 7

Training Courses on Small-Scale Solar Cooling Systems

Through practice-oriented training courses, young people in Kenya learn about small-scale solar cooling systems and can use this knowledge for a better future.
ProfileSDG 7

Energy Through Domestic Biogas Plants

Biogas plants can ensure the energy supply for 75 percent of Ethiopia’s population and also protect their health.