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Student cooperative takes off

The student cooperative Rwanda Guild Louisenlund has started its activities with its Rwandan partner, the school association “Les Génies”. The first teaching materials are now on their way to the primary school in Ntarama, where they will be used for various educational projects.

With their partnership, the student cooperative Rwanda Guild Louisenlund and the school association “Les Génies” want to integrate knowledge of renewable energies into the existing curricula so that the students of the 5th to 7th grades can learn more about the topics of energy supply at an early stage.

The first step for their sustainable “energy” partnership has already been taken. At the end of January, twelve experimental kits specially developed by the student cooperative were sent on their way. They are modular in design and teach the methods of sustainable power generation in an experimental way: from solar energy, from wind power and from the kinetic energy of water. If everything goes according to plan, the kits can be used in various educational projects by the end of February: in teacher training, in the classroom, in workshops for the students’ parents.

Come with us on an energetic journey in the upcoming weeks and months!