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Campaign to raise awareness around solar energy in Namibia launches

Renewable energies can help develop rural areas. That is why the Renewable Energy Industry Association of Namibian (REIAoN) wants to increase awareness of the opportunities offered by solar energy. With an awareness campaign over the radio and roadshows, the association wants to inform about possible technologies and also support and network small solar enterprises. Green People´s Energy Namibia supports the campaign both in terms of content and finances.

REIAoN sees itself as a platform on which companies in the renewable energy sector can organise themselves. Through the active participation of all members, the association aims to advance the development of renewable energies in Namibia, disseminate knowledge about existing technologies and areas of application, and play a greater role in shaping the political and legal framework.

“To this end, we want to build a network with national and international institutions, companies and organisations that are pursuing similar goals as we are,” says Alastair Aspara, vice-chairman of REIAoN. In order to make the association better known, especially in rural Namibia, and to integrate the small solar companies and handicraft businesses operating there, REIAoN has launched an information campaign, financed and supported by Green People´s Energy (GBE) Namibia.

Alastair Aspara sees great opportunities for rural Namibia in particular. “Wind and solar energy do not require water, which is an advantage for farms in particular,” he explains. In addition, rural areas can develop economically, local people can increase local value creation and increase their income through subsistence farming. Wind and solar energy can also be used to electrify households, making electricity available for electrical appliances, cooking and heating.

The six-month campaign aims to raise awareness of the opportunities among the population and support small solar businesses. The information will be disseminated via radio broadcasts in various national languages. The association is also launching a roadshow and aims to reach around 2,000 people in twelve communities. “In addition, we will hold talks with various local authorities and local institutions. We are also talking to existing associations to form a professional partnership,” he says.