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12 trainers certified in Green Banking

Many financial institutions are not very familiar with the renewable energy sector and are therefore hesitant to finance ventures in this sector. For this reason, Green People’s Energy, together with its partners, is strengthening the know-how of financial institutions by training 12 trainers for green financing. They have deepened their knowledge in a seminar and are much needed by the market.

The 12 prospective green finance trainers already knew how dynamic the renewable energy market is in Senegal, thanks to the four-month online course for 100 employees from the finance and energy sector offered by Green People’s Energy (GBE), the GIZ programme DIAPOL-CE and RENAC Gmbh. In the one-week train the trainer seminar in March, they evaluated renewable energy projects in an interactive manner, analyzed financing applications and business models, learned about important elements of financial due diligence and deepened their didactic skills.

It is precisely this knowledge that many employees of Senegalese financial institutions, companies and initiatives lack. The 12 trainers are therefore urgently needed so that GBE and its partners can support the expansion of green finance training offers in urban and rural Senegal. They are doing this together with the local partners “Bureau de Mise à Niveau” and the “Observatoire de la Qualité du Service Financier”, which will offer local green finance trainings and therewith train employees of rural and urban financial institutions as well as renewable energy project developers. The two local training institutions were selected through a tender by GBE and its partners. GBE will accompany the training institutes over a period of one year – in setting up their training offer and in hosting of their first seminars.

At the end of their intensive training week, all 12 trainers received a diploma as certified green finance trainers. At the beginning of June, they will have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned in a first local test training. For this, they will be able to train the 25 best participants of the four-month online course and prove themselves as green finance trainers.