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Professional solar equipment for businesses: properly cooling, drying, irrigating, and fertilising

High-quality solar equipment for productive purposes such as irrigation, fertilising, food cooling and drying greatly increases the value added of agricultural and other businesses. To promote sales and investments in these sustainable and climate-friendly technologies, Green People’s Energy invited workers from agricultural service centres to workshops in Yamoussoukro a few weeks ago.

The Ivorian capital Abidjan is the political and economic centre of Côte d’Ivoire. As a rule, economic innovations, including high-quality solar-powered productive equipment such as walk-in cold rooms, solar dryers, and water pumps, are only available here. However, their potential buyers live in rural areas and need the equipment there, especially for use in agriculture.

It is therefore necessary to set up a sales and dealer network that informs businesses in the country’s regions about the efficient production facilities, handles the purchase and offers a customer service that helps quickly and reliably with problems and spare parts. Green People’s Energy thus organised a training session for entrepreneurs in December to launch the distribution network for high-performance productive solar systems.

During the four-day training, 25 participants from agricultural service centres (Centres de Service Agricole, CSA) learned the technical, commercial, and accounting basics to be able to sell the high-quality solar systems. They also met with the suppliers of the solar systems and in the end founded the network of agricultural service centres. “We are now well equipped and ready to promote and sell solar panels for production in our regions,” said Hervé Yapo, one of the participants on behalf of all at the end of the training.

The training is part of other activities of Green People’s Energy to further intensify the exchange between suppliers of high-quality solar systems for productive installations and users in the agricultural sector. The project is already in close exchange with the WE4F project (Water and Energy for Food) and PROFere (Vocational training in renewable energy and energy efficiency).

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