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Training of trainers for solar systems starts in northern Namibia

Renewable energies offer many solutions to improve the social and economic situation of the people in Namibia. In order for vocational schools to train young people in solar energy systems, they need well-trained trainers. GBE aims for just that in cooperation with Eenhana Vocational Training Centre.

Eenhana is the capital of Ohangwena Province. It borders Angola and lies north of the Etosha National Park. The small town lives from small and large border traffic with the neighbouring country, and tourists occasionally stray into the town. Most people here, however, live from agriculture and cattle breeding. The very low electrification rate in these northern regions limits the opportunities for the inhabitants.

Yet the conditions for renewable energy and related solutions are very good and not only in northern Namibia. For example, solar-powered water pumps could increase agricultural yields, illuminate buildings or power processing equipment and machinery. A prerequisite for this, however, is that solar systems and the associated tools and equipment can also be installed, operated and maintained.

This is where GBE comes in, together with the Eenhana Vocational Training Centre (EVTC). Instructors from different vocational training centres in the country are trained in solar technologies so that they are able to pass on to young people their skills in installation and dimensioning of the systems as well as the necessary maintenance works. As the distances in Namibia are very long, the project is planning a mobile unit to be able to access rural and remote regions.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the start of the project has been delayed again and again. On 20 April 2021, however, representatives of GBE and EVTC were finally able to meet. The participants discussed how best to conduct the trainings, what materials are needed or can be used for the training and how the planned trainings can be coordinated with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

The EVTC is one of seven formerly state-run vocational training centres that are now under the supervision of the Namibia Training Authority. The EVTC specialises in training young, technically interested Namibians in the field of solar energy.