Do you want to help improve life in
in Africa’s villages?

You want to put renewable energies even more
into the focus of your work?

Perhaps you are already cooperating
with a local community or project?

You are involved in the knowledge
exchange on the subject of renewable
energies with African organisations?

The BMZ ministerial initiative “Green People’s Energy for Africa” aims to reduce energy poverty in rural regions of Africa and support the development of decentralised renewable energy systems. Citizens as well as local businesses and organisations are closely involved in order to strengthen the productive use of energy, the energy supply for social institutions, and the promotion of framework conditions for sustainable investments.

We want to gain an overview of partnership concepts between European and African actors and publish these findings in the publication “Partnerships with Africa – Lessons Learned from Cooperation on equal footing”.

“Renewable energies will free developing countries from fossil dependencies and provide a secure and affordable energy supply for all people, especially in remote rural areas.”

Svenja Schulze, Bundesministerin für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung