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New training: Solar cooling systems significantly increase productivity

Solar-power allows for most machinery to function autonomously in any sunny region. No matter how remote, with a size of 18 square meters that provides ample space for fruits, fish, meat or vegetables: the solar-powered refrigerated container developed at Strathmore University Energy Research Center (SERC) is ideal for fisheries, farms or other businesses that need to cool their products. Solar refrigeration systems are flexible in design and versatile, as this video below shows.

Experts from the Universities of Hohenheim and Strathmore will teach how solar cooling technology works and how local value chains can be closed in the Solar Cooling training course from February 21-23. The Green People’s Energy initiative’s Small Projects Fund provide financial support for the development of the course and the construction of the pilot plant as one of the very first small projects.

The registration process for the course is currently underway. Those who wish to participate can register here.