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Networking – Sharing Information and Knowledge is the Key to Success

Innovative platform brings renewable energy students and specialists from across Africa together, after attending course on the subject in Germany

Numerous students and specialists from Africa have been or are being trained in the field of renewable energy processes, and energy efficiency at universities, and other educational institutions in Germany, as well as by German trainers at partner training institutions in Afrika.

With their education and experiences acquired in Germany, these former students and specialists now possess the huge potential to lead, shape and amplify the development of sustainable economic systems in their home countries. Renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures play a crucial role in this development and as well in the energy transition, which is especially important for the progress of local, decentralized and sustainable energy supply systems.

Therefore, the Green People’s Energy for Africa initiative sees the value that is added when alumni are supported to organize themselves within Germany’s development framework. Consequently, Green People’s Energy contributes to the establishment of an Alumni Network which is implemented by RENAC Energy and Climate GmbH. The BMZ Special Representatives for Energy in Africa, Bärbel Höhn and Josef Göppel, former Members of the German Bundestag, are the Patrons of the Alumni network.

The aim of this unique network is to bring together graduates with one another and to strengthen their ties to Germany, while at the same time contributing to the sustainable development of decentralised energy with renewable energies in Africa. The core of the network is a knowledge sharing platform through which information, contacts, and tools are made available. The alumni are also given access to further in-depth courses on business models, renewable energy technologies, and more.

Are you interested to find out details? Please find additional information and the application form to participate here.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our network.